Port Services


Pilotage is a compulsory service for vessels over 500 GRT. Corporazione dei Piloti del Golfo, the company managing Trieste and Monfalcone harbours, is active 24 hours a day. Contact VHF channel 14.

Tariff for Pilotage


Such service is given to tanks only, mooring at SIOT terminal; it consists in using a tugboat specially dedicated to assist vessel during mooring and unmooring manoeuvers.

Tariff for “Escort” Service to Tankers


Mooring and unmooring is the technical nautical service providing assistance in mooring and unmooring vessels, which activity is granted 24 hours a day.

Tariff for Mooring and Unmooring

Tal siot service

These are compulsory services provided inside SIOT terminal, including the firemen’s assistance, the bus shuttle service between pier and terminal entrance, the phone connection on board and the ISPS activities.

Tariff for S.I.O.T. terminal facilities

Check point

Tanker check point, also called pre-mooring inspection, is an on-board inspection to vessels at Roads, which are going to moor at SIOT terminal. In principle it’s required once a year. It’s given under a visual check by inspectors on terminal behalf.

Tariff for S.I.O.T. tanker check point

TAL SIOT oil pollution prevention

Such Service is provided by stand-by of skimming barges, constantly standing in the SIOT Terminal’s waters ready to operate in case of oil spills.

Tariff for S.I.O.T. oil pollution prevention

Chemical consultants

Among the many activities provided by chemical consultants, are those concerning tankers’ checking for COW, checking vessels transporting dangerous goods or carrying out works using free flames.

Tariff of Port Chemist


Firemen assist vessels and terminals any time when dangerous goods are moved.

Tariff of Firemen

Garbage service

That’s a compulsory service given on daily basis to any vessel at Roads and at berth for picking and disposal of galley or special waste.

Tariff for garbage service

Administration charge

That’s a series of small fees based on gross tonnage of vessels, given from shipping agents to their local Association to make it able to provide any activity for protection and interest of different clients.

Tariff of administration charge

Agency fees

That’s reference fees concerning any activity rendered by Shipping Agents to vessels and their mandates.

Tariff of agency fees

Custom broker fees

That’s reference fees concerning any activity of clearance by a forwarding agent for submitting to Customs Authorities the arrival and departure vessels manifest.

Tariff of custom brokerage

Supplementary broker fees

That’s a tax applied in Trieste port to any vessel carrying out commercial operations.
Supplementary port dues

Supplementary port dues

Attendance during bunkering operations

Such Service provides a skimming barge in stand-by ready to give assistance to vessels carrying out bunkering operations.

Tariff for bunkering stand-by service