Payroll management

gestione-pagheSeafarers’ collective agreement is currently among more structured ones due to presence of many rules and benefits that complicate its implementation. As a consequence, payroll processing is quite complex and requires specific applications and specialized staff.
G.Tarabochia & C. manning department boasts a thirty-year experience in the sector, particularly we are able to manage all the legislative and administrative issues in connections with the different embarking conditions that Shipowners or Seafarers can face: Italian flag legislation, international register, foreign flag legislation, offshore and onshore positions.
Our main services include:

  • Monthly and annual processing, administration and payments of national contribution and social security dues.
  • Relationship and Interaction with private and public institutions and authorities such as: INPS, Foreign Navigation, Fanimar,, P&I clubs etc.
  • Administration of the economic treatments in case of illness, injury etc., and completion of all formalities with the pertinent institutions.
  • Monthly allocations and TFR (severance pay) processing
  • Final accounting and data processing according with the criteria required by Customers
  • Management consulting regarding collective agreements and others specific agreements notified by Customers
  • Personnel cost analysis