Operational department manages and grants the basic and main activities of Shipping Agency: ensuring to vessels any kind of assistance. From the first entrusting of the vessel to our Company, up to its departure from Trieste port, a continuous monitoring and exchange of communication system is ensured to the vessel and its Company, according with the type of vessel, kind of operations it’s going to carry out, the terminal where it will operate, as well as the procedures to be followed, with consequent pertinent costs, and any possible chance to save same.

The same importance is given to our activity of interfacing the ship with the local Institutions, like the Harbour Master, the Customs, the Immigration Offices, the Customs Guard, the Health Authorities, any of Consulates, Classification Companies and Flag Administrations.

The company’s protocols provide a constant review of operating procedures for both the communication messages, which get constantly updated basing on the current laws and regulations, and any need of documentation.

The operative department attends H24 for all days of the year by flexibly alternating its staff, most of which attended nautical schools and had sailing experience.