Our history

slide_1G.Tarabochia & C. was estabilished in Trieste in 1864 by the godwill of an old family from Lussino, with the main object to act as “Steamship Owners Agents and Brokers” of regular lines and trips for sailing boats and steamships.
At that time Lussino, was a beautiful Austrian island not very far from Trieste. Now that island is Croatian territory, renamed Lošinj.

Since the first years of its activity G.Tarabochia & C.represented the most important Shipping Companies of that time, like “Unione Austriaca di Navigazione”, former “Austro-Americana”, and “Navigazione a Vapore del Lloyd Austro Ungarico”, with regular scheduled services between Trieste and North and South America, Adriatic, Eastern and Western Mediterranean, North Europe, United Kingdom and Norway.

For long time G.Tarabochia & C.even managed embarking Italians emigrating to America, in connection with many offices there, dedicated to immigration and care assistance. Our Company represented in Trieste Det Norske Veritas (The register of Norwegian classification) for over a hundred years.

certificatoConsequently G.Tarabochia & C.developed its activity very fast, and in the period preceding the First World War it became the leading Shipping Agency in Trieste, serving not only the Owners mentioned above, but also practically all other Shipowners of Trieste and Lussinpiccolo, who were numerous at that time, and many important foreign Shipping Companies, some of which Tarabochia is still serving, as some of the main Oil Companies in the world.

During the First and Second World War the activity of G.Tarabochia & C.came to a practical standstill. After the wars Trieste lost some of its traffic but not so Tarabochia. In fact all the old connections were maintained and also many other Shipowners placed their ships into the care of our Company.

Presently G.Tarabochia & C., which has now 153 years of continuous service, is the oldest Shipping Agency in Trieste, and one of the oldest in the Mediterranean area. Besides its activities of Insurance Company, Claims Agents, Forwarding Agents, Crew manning Agents and Logistic, as Ship Agents activity our Company has a long and great experience and a tested organization in handling Liners, Tramps, Ro/Ro, Cruises and all types of Vessels.

libro_tarabochiaOf course G.Tarabochia & C. makes use of highly, qualified and reliable Personnel to guarantee the best services, and employs the most up-to-date operating systems and information technology to serve its Customers.

Tarabochia has its own main offices (two flats of 250 square meters each) located near the Commercial Harbour, the Port Authorities and the Customs Offices. It also has an office in the harbour area located at Molo VII° Container Terminal of Punto Franco Nuovo (Free Port), a branch office in the Port of Monfalcone and representative offices in the ports of Koper (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia).